Android Development

Our engineers possessing exclusivity in Android, makes us the most coveted developer company in the Android app development domain.

Android is versatile and imparts significant control over an application's capabilities and appearance across custom devices, phones and wearables. Master Equation is pristinely positioned with superior technical expertise and design notions to develop range of android applications.


iOS Development

We excel in iOS Development. Be it an app for iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch, we can build it for you. We develop apps in almost every category and for just about every industry.

iOS app development is never too far for Master Equation. We know how Apple thinks; hence we take care of App Store Optimization of your app to get it featured in the App Store. Coding applications that can be connected to custom hardware is done the right way by our expert developers. We're highly experienced to create feature rich, graphically scintillating pixel perfect apps that provide high user loyalty.


Windows Development

It is always better to tap relatively young Windows app market, to fetch the early adapter's benefits for your apps. Master Equation has teams of highly skilled engineers to develop universal windows apps.

With Microsoft entering the mobile arena, market share of Windows based mobile phones has increased. Windows is also strengthening its offering in the tablet business after the launch of Surface tablets.
Is your app ready to tap the Windows app market?


Cross Platform Development

Cross platform development offers huge benefits in single investment. Reaching out to users on all major mobile OS platforms can be crucial for success. Our immaculately optimized cross platform apps can be vouched for its reliability and robustness.

Cross platform apps should not just run on different screen sizes and operating systems, but they should make sure that a consistent user experience is maintained at all platforms. This provides versatility to your app, making it mobile in true sense. Master Equation has in house experts for developing UX strategies, UI design and programming your mobile apps to unify your vision across web, mobile and desktop.


Wearables Development

Wearables are the new mobiles! They have already started making their presence felt. More next-gen wearable solutions are coming soon and Master Equation is geared to develop apps for wearable interfaces.

We love being on the cutting edge of technology, so much so that we are already designing our first Apple Watch app. Wearables bring power to its users, our apps just multiply it.
Is your app ready to tap the Windows app market?


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers tantalising and practical opportunities for a better world. We believe that the onus is on Tech companies like us to pass on the world to the next generation in a better shape than it is now.

Let's live in a truly connected digital world. Solutions powered by IoT can help create a more sustainable planet by reducing carbon footprints. This can be achieved by smart living and efficiently managing our resources, all these things can be plugged into the digital world to make them work together in harmony. Master Equation can help you bring your IoT experience to life.

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