Web Applications

Whether you're thinking of building a big data app using web services, an awesome ecommerce platform, an online productivity tool, media streaming app, or fully featured Rich Internet Application software, Master Equation can develop web applications that guarantee high efficiency and robustness while maintaining strict data security.

You demand and we provide is our primary intention. Hence our development is unrestricted to a certain set of applications, technologies or devices. Our web apps provide intuitive user experiences, making them spontaneously perceptive. We position ourselves to create apps that are Connected, Alive, Interactive and Responsive. This naturally translates into more productivity, improved user satisfaction and high user engaging experience. Apart from being the most compatible across browsers and desktops, our RIAs are proven cost effective methods imbibing real business benefits.


Responsive Websites

We know how to create a brand that stands out in today's competitive world. Our web designers are ideally positioned to build your Identity on the World Wide Web. A fully appointed responsive websites is just the beginning.

With our motivated creative team of designers, state of the art design philosophies and latest technologies we deliver gorgeous looking, fully appointed responsive websites. We strictly adhere to Web 2.0 standards implementing HTML5 and CSS3 for creating error free responsive websites, ensuring that browser compatibility on desktop and handheld devices.

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